Order Thumb Bands

TEXTING KILLS thumb bands are only $1.50 each OR LESS! See bulk pricing page for large orders.

TEXTING KILLS thumb bands come in a variety of colors for all your fashion needs. All have TXTNG KILLS debossed in white. Check out the new styles! JST DRV and DNT TXT N DRV thumb bands are now available!

JST DRV and DNT TXT N DRV Thumb Bands

Get one for each day OR one for each finger. Give them away to your friends so everyone has a daily reminder that texting while driving is dumb and dangerous!

Now you can also get your DNT TXT N DRV bumper/window stickers so everyone else on the road around you can see the message.

DNT TXT N DRV Stickers are only $1.50 each OR LESS. UV coated to be durable and long lasting. 3.5" x 7.5", glossy and sure to get the message across to the drivers around you!
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Get your text free pledge with every order!

Glow in the dark wristbands and re/black swirl wrist bands have two messages: W8 2 TXT on one side and TXTNG KILLS on the other. They also fit great around cell phones as a reminder not to text and drive every time you get into your car! Wristbands are also only $1.50 each or less (depending on how many you buy).

W8 2 TXT Thumb Bands are available in a variety of colors and have a very direct, simple message - wait to text! It's a great reminder to all drivers that texting can wait if you're driving. Available in BLUE, RED, WHITE, BLACK and PINK.

The DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE T shirt is great for those putting together a texting and driving campaign and perfect for showing your community that you are a text free driver. Sizes range from small to extra large. All shirts are black and made from 100% soft cotton (not pre-shrunk)