Questions And Answers

Why did you start texting thumb bands and where do the proceeds go?

As a father, I saw my daughter's friends texting while driving and doing other dangerous things while in their cars. My daughter was riding with a friend and was involved in a serious single car accident and another of her friends was involved in a fatal accident. I originally started purchasing TXTNG KILLS thumb bands and giving them to my daughters friends as a way to open up a conversation about safe, text free driving. They loved the thumb bands so much I decided to spread the word to as many teens and drivers of all ages as possible about the dangers of texting while driving. Now, we partner with  and contribute proceeds to different non profit groups that work to keep teens safe while driving.

What sizes and colors are available?

All TXTNG KILLS thumb bands are one size fits most. They are 67 mm around which we find fits most thumbs from pretty big to pretty small. The color choices are RED, BLACK, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN and PINK and all have TXTNG KILLS written in white on the band. The bands are debossed, meaning the text is etched into the band.

Can I get a different color or special color?

We can special order a color for you as long as you are ordering 1000 bands. Otherwise, you must choose from one of our stock colors.

How can I get a copy of the Text Free Pledge?

We send a digital copy to everyone who orders in hopes that it will be used by as many people as possible to commit to remaining a text free driver. If you are not ordering but would like a copy of the pledge, please send us an email and we will be happy to send you one.

Is there a discount for non profit groups and large orders?

Absolutely! we want to do everything possible to help people spread the word about this important issue and we help out as much as possible with special pricing. Here is the breakdown of bulk pricing:

# of Bands           Cost per Band

50-74                      $1.25
75-149                    $1.10
150-199                  $1.00
200-299                  $.80
300-499                  $.70
500-749                  $.55
750-999                  $.45
1000-2000              $.40
2000-3999              $.35
4000-5999              $.30

6000-8000              $.20
8000+                      $.16

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is very inexpensive and ranges from $1.50 for up to 5 to only $12.50 for 200. Shipping will cost more if you are in Canada.